About us

Our mission is to drive the adoption of renewable energy at
scale through innovative transaction solutions.

Our story

Consolidating 20 years of Asia-Pacific energy and environmental market experience, our team combines expert knowledge of the wholesale and retail energy markets with in-depth low carbon development and project finance experience.

We are part of global financial services
, Tradition, located in 29 countries

In Australia Tradition has operated in
energy and environmental markets for
over 20 years.

Global financial services

Our people

Chris Halliwell
Co-Founder, Head of Markets

Marco Stella
Co-Founder, Senior Broker

Sarah Paparo Profile Image
Sarah Paparo
Principal Consultant

Trent Gauci Profile Image
Trent Gauci
Lead Consultant

Abhi Nithyanand
Head of Advisory - Sustainability and Energy

Chun Kiu Ng
Market Analyst

Natashya Quincy
General Manager - Operations

Dominic Ernst Profile Image
Dominic Ernst
Head of Product

James Stone Profile Image
James Stone
Lead Software Developer

Greg Madigan Profile Image
Greg Madigan
Product Operations Manager

David Micaleff
Backend Developer

Patricia Paech
Patricia Paech
Executive Sales Advisor

Wawin Sathyamoorthy
Junior Backend Developer

Luke Myers
User Experience Designer

Marcus Kelly
Marketing Manager

Charles Johnston
Energy Market Analyst

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