Advance your low-carbon strategy

Renewable Energy Hub helps businesses find the best strategic
pathway to meet their low-carbon goals.

Advance your low-carbon strategy

Our team combines expert knowledge of the energy and carbon markets with in-depth project development and project finance experience.

Develop a comprehensive net-zero strategy for your organisation with our expert team.

Scope, evaluate and execute the best approach for your unique business requirements.

Direct market access

Direct market access

We provide energy and carbon procurement advisory across environmental certificates, renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPA) and bespoke retail electricity arrangements.

Our CORE Markets platform opens up an end-user portal for accessing the full suite of carbon, environmental and clean energy market products.

Supported by our expert transaction team, capture the best price discovery and risk management for your organisation.

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Direct market access

We provide energy procurement solutions through renewable power purchase agreements (<strong>PPA</strong>) and retail electricity arrangements.

Get market data, forecasting and access to LGCs, STCs, ESCs, VEECs and ACCUs & GreenPower.

Direct market access

The right insights

Through our digital platform CORE Markets, we provide the latest market insights, benchmarking and analysis.

CORE Markets supports options assessment and risk analysis for procurement, investments and acquisitions.

Direct market access

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Transition to a low carbon economy

We exist to help accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. We’re providing the data, tools and transactions to make the new energy future a reality

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