CORE Markets Launches Carbon Price Benchmarking Tool

Melbourne, Australia: Renewable Energy Hub today announces a new benchmarking feature in its CORE Markets digital platform: Carbon Curves to assist users in evaluating global carbon price movements. Carbon Curves has been developed to provide market participants greater clarity and insights into carbon unit prices and valuation of broader project characteristics and co-benefits.  A first of its kind for the ACCU market.

With dramatically increasing demand and participation in voluntary carbon markets, carbon offset projects will play a key role in achieving global ambitions as part of a decarbonisation roadmap.

A key challenge in voluntary carbon markets is lack of price transparency and liquidity, which roots back to the subjectivity in the valuation of projects and their co-benefits.

Building on the existing CORE Markets capability, the benchmark Carbon Curves sets are now published daily, derived from our global network of market participants. Carbon Curves provides price valuation across major accreditations, covering Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), Voluntary Carbon Units (VCS/VCU) and more for both spot and forward delivery contracts. Uniquely, the units are valued based on each of their creation methods and associated co benefits.

Chris Halliwell, co-founder and Head of Markets at Renewable Energy Hub, believes that increasing price transparency is key to improving voluntary carbon market participation.

“Access to real market price information is key to ensuring an informed market, driving liquidity, and improving the scale of voluntary carbon markets. Achieving Paris targets relies on effectively scaling participation on the supply and demand side of voluntary carbon markets,” Mr Halliwell said.

“In addition, we’re now publishing free to access closing prices and price history charts on our website, bringing further transparency to these markets.”

About Renewable Energy Hub

Renewable Energy Hub is a technology solutions provider for low carbon markets, launching CORE Markets – a game changing OTC SaaS platform providing energy and carbon market participants with access to data, tools and transactions.

The team at Renewable Energy Hub is Asia Pacific’s leading clean energy and carbon markets advisory and transactions team, driving liquidity in a full suite of low carbon products supported by innovative technology.

Renewable Energy Hub is the multi award winning and   pre-eminent and long-standing carbon and clean energy commodity team.

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