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Carbon and Renewable Energy Digital Workbench
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CORE Markets dashboard showing rolling 24 hour NEM pricing

Data, tools and products for the low carbon future

Renewable Energy Hub’s digital platform CORE Markets provides a full suite of data, analysis tools and wholesale price information to enable all market participants – wholesale energy traders, energy and carbon portfolio managers – to participate in carbon and clean energy markets. 

As energy and carbon markets undergo a massive transition, get the support and insights you need to support your decision making. 

Our team can support you in finding appropriate wholesale and retail products to suit your requirements. 

Simplifying complex markets

Energy and carbon markets are complex. CORE Markets has been engineered from day one to handle large data sets with flexible tools supporting custom analysis and data exports. 

Stop working across different platforms and juggling clunky spreadsheets. The CORE Markets platform increases efficiency by consolidating multiple data sources into a single, easy to use interface.  CORE Markets combines data from physical electricity markets, carbon markets, energy markets, our expert analysis and weather observations into a single source. 

We enable price discovery, robust analytics and deliver low transaction costs for products tailored to your needs. 

Price discovery and market access

Access to market pricing can be challenging for market participants, especially for bespoke energy and carbon products. CORE Markets provides access to live and historical wholesale energy, environmental and local and international carbon products during trading hours. 

In addition to observed market prices, our expert team publishes daily end-of-day pricing reports and commentary on market activity. Particularly useful for products with limited liquidity, our end-of-day curves give you current, fair market valuations for use in negotiations and risk exposure reporting. 

Just the beginning

We have an exciting roadmap of features and new releases planned.

The CORE Markets team will ensure we continually evolve our platform to meet the needs of energy and carbon market participants.

CORE Markets - data, tools and transactions for the low carbon future

Product Features

Data Visualisation

Custom charting and data export

Our powerful charting tool enables evaluation of physical, financial and environmental market data, generation/load profiles & weather in a single interface.
Trade Reports

Reports & Expert Commentary

Receive real time trade alerts via email, text and/or ‘Trade Tracker’ in the platform.
Live Markets

Live Markets

Live markets prices across carbon, energy spot & futures, environmental certificates, and Renewable Energy Hub products.
EOD Broker Curves

Benchmarking, data and trade alerts

Receive daily price curves, with fair market values across energy, environmental and carbon products.
Trader View

Trader View

Our contract evaluation engine enables you to compare and assess the relative value of different wholesale energy products, and quickly show the face value of particular contract product and volumes.
Assets Plus

Assets Plus

If you’re the owner, operator or off-taker for a generation asset, Assets Plus can help make risk management decisions easier. Assets Plus is a complex engine that provides calculations on the financial outcome of generation, offtake, load and commercial contracting scenarios.

CORE Markets - data, tools and transactions for the low carbon future


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The intuitive tools and timely market info on the CORE Markets platform means that it takes pride of place on our trading screens.

Bryan TomsEnergy Derivatives Broker at Tradition

These new financial products will create new opportunities for renewable energy developers to sell their energy, and the marketplace will provide real time visibility and the tools needed to support buyers and sellers

Darren MillerCEO at ARENA

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