Carbon Market Prices

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Carbon & renewable energy market prices

CORE Markets provides access to live market pricing, as well as curve pricing where our expert team assesses the fair value across spot and forward markets in carbon, energy and environmental markets.

Market prices for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU), New Zealand Units (NZU), and Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs, LRECs) are shown below.

Carbon and environmental market price update

Spot PriceLast CloseLast Change7-Day change30-Day change
ACCU$41.50▲ 0.0%▲ 3.1%▲ 15.3%
NZU$68.50▲ 0.0%▲ 5.5%▲ 5.0%
LGC$42.00▲ 0.1%▲ 0.5%▲ 3.7%
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Coming Soon----

Prices last updated end of day 01/12/2021

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